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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mayor Emanuel hires Ceasefire and throws a million dollars down the drain

The City announced the hiring of the gang invested Ceasefire on June 26, 2012 and below is a list of violence they failed to prevent in the communities they are "working" in.
Shooting leads to Police chase in South Shore


laker said...

hahahahaha - "Super Genius" - hahahahahaha.
absolutely my new favorite website

Anonymous said...

Chicago is one happening place.

Anonymous said...

election is coming. Just away to appease ObamaVoterBase. Have they come to your door yet? In the BIk communities it's all about entitlement,gov. money,,,, if Obama wants their votes again he knows he along withEmanuel need to pay.

Anonymous said...

Those people already get TOO much free things. Try getting off your fat ,lazy asses and get a job. It keeps going round and round.blacks on welfare,always has and always will be. They make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Buying votes with public money. It's what (D) have been doing for decades.

It kills the spirit and leads to dependency. It is modern day slavery. Those who are dependent jump when their master tells them to. If they don't, they are cut off.

Welcome to the new plantation.

Anonymous said...

There's actually more whites on welfare

Anonymous said...

Ahem. Our trained police force also did not prevent the above violence. this is not a movie about seeing into the future. Its about our youth being raised With no morals or values. Sad, sad, sad.
And you racist asses just make things worse. Your mom must be so proud.