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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

City and media again in cahoots in fudging the death and murder numbers for April

Chicago appeared headed for its calmest April in more than 50 years, with 23 homicides as of Tuesday evening, police statistics show

1 2 shot, 1 shot dead in University Village
2 1 shot, 1 shot dead in Hyde Park
3 1 shot, 1 shot dead in Humboldt Park
4 Man dies after being run over by car
5 Man driving in West Pullman shot, crashes into garage UPDATE: DOA
6 31 year old man shot dead in West Pullman
7 Boy, 15, shot to death 4 blocks from Obama home
8 Man shot, killed in Back of the Yards
9 34 year old shot dead in Old Irving Park
10 37 year old man shot dead in Austin
11 Baby dies days after father smothered her to stop her crying
12 Intoxicated driver killed baby in womb
13 28-year-old man shot dead in Longwood Manor
14 19 year old man shot dead in Humboldt Park
15 34 year old man shot dead, killer also shot in South Chicago
16 3 shot in Old Irving Park 19 year old man DOA
17 Boy 14 who was body pulled from lagoon at Marquette Park was stabbed to death.
18 2 shot, 1 fatally, on Far South Side
19 Boy, 14 shot dead, 13 year old girl wounded in Heart of Chicago
20 Man shot, killed on South Side
21 Girlfriend in custody after man, 26, stabbed to death
22 33 year old man shot dead in Gresham
23 33 year old man shot dead in Washington Park
24 Dolton man held on $500K in fatal crash on Bishop Ford
25 2 men shot in South Chicago Update: 1 killed, 1 wounded
26 24 year old man shot dead in Park Manor


Anonymous said...

There was a shooting on 42nd and Albany a few days ago, no reports about it on the news...only the black hoods

Anonymous said...

23. 26. who cares.

Anonymous said...

Obama pushing abortions.
Obama pushing gay marriage.
Obama pushing the Morning after pill.
Blacks shooting Blacks.
The End of the Black Race?
This is not a Racial comment. This is what is happening.

Anonymous said...

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shot, three killed. First warm day in months, let
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Bless you.....Lancelot Link

Anonymous said...

I lived in Chicago for five years. Yes, I killed three guys. Black gang bangers, and I have no regrets. There are far too many black idiot wild animals in Chicago, and it is up to law abiding white people with guns to thin out that herd.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Angelique said...

People hide behind anonymous cause they are too cowardly to say ANY of the things they say in the real world. You got so much to say..why you scared to put your name with it? Punks.

Anonymous said...

Angelique is a punk.

darrell harris aka lil weasel said...

Angelique go out and find a life