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Friday, April 26, 2013

Man driving in West Pullman shot, crashes into garage UPDATE: DOA

A man driving in the West Pullman neighborhood was shot by someone on the block and crashed into a parked van and a garage before 6 a.m. Friday.
He was drivinga red 1990s Chevy Caprice in the 600 block of West 117th Street when someone started firing at him from the passenger side of his car.
The driver, 38, tried to accellerate to flee the gunfire and lost control of his car in the 11500 block of South Lowe Avenue
The driver had been shot twice and was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center after his car crashed into a parked van and a garage
Dane Whitfield, 31 DOA


Anonymous said...

the only thing worth anything on that hooptie is the rims and tires
the shooter must not liked the color
Tiny will give a speech and Mc514 will push more squads in the area and maybe throw a rookie or two to the wolves by doing foot patrol
at night by themselves
"flowerpots" as the THEE RANT calls them
just more of those woderful rahm values

Anonymous said...

sometimes people needs to think before they speak a man lost his life over what if you don't no why then you shouldn't assume you just make an as! Of yourself