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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax VS Chicago Jab Hoax

The elites of this world, who got you by the balls, have created chaos in our communities for years, so that out of the chaos they have created, they can offer you their form of order and control. (Latin "Ordo Ab Chao" order out of chaos. A motto of the Thirty-third Degree of Freemasonry)
All of the below points are apparent in our communities. All you have to do is put them all together and you will see the elite's agenda, the bigger picture.
How is it done?

1) Destroy the traditional family, replacing DAD with BIG DADDY GOVERNMENT. Ensuring that children lack guidance, except from gangs, government programs and the public schools. Member of Education Establishment: Parents Don’t Know What’s Best for Their Children, This is how the public Schools and the left brainwash your children- School Reading List Featured Books on Lesbian Sex, Gay OrgyEmanuel attempting to turn Chicago into Sodom and Gomorrah by the lake, Few men, but plenty of boys. blood and bodies found in our black communities, In 1963 school prayer was taken out of our schools and the lies of evolution began to be pushed on our chidren- Fast forward to Chicago 2012, NY at-risk child plan comes to Far South SideSlavery alive and well in the liberal leaning black community- slaves to sin falling for THE LIBERAL KLAN PLAN

2) Replace God with evolution, reduce man to a mere animals. Where an inkling of God survives be sure that it is a corrupted version of the gospels that is fed to the flocks, by supporting corrupt preachers whose only interest is power and filthy lucre. Chicago's "Rear-ends" got Jesus on their lips, the Devil in their hearts and the tax payer's money in their pockets, A little more racist history for all you black, white and beige racist:Illinois clergy who endorse gay marriage bill also endorse the teaching of Aleister Crowley, Anonymous said... What a disturbing title. Our catholic church was founded by Jesus who is the son of God. , 1 dead, 5 wounded in Gresham convenience store shooting (More evidence of the good work being done by the Good Shepard Rear End Michael Pfleger),

3) Make sure inner city kids are locked in failing public school systems, where the only ones who profit from that system are gangs, teachers and politicians. Obama to kickoff campaign in Chicago Thursday,  Chicago Teacher's Union Verses Mayor Emanual one big scam,  Mayor Emanuel wanting to raise city taxes, School Teachers and the Democratic Party- a chart so simple even a Public School Graduate Could Understand the Scam, Some quick Chicago teachers strike facts to make you think- What the f***?, A back to school reminder for Chicago parents- Mayor Emanuel sends his kids to an elite private school, but he don't think you should, Liberal Law makers and Public school teacher's unions the unholy alliance

4) Make sure gangs flourish and are given legitimacy ensuring gang violence plagues the inner city Gov. Pat Quinn helps the gangs bottom line by raising cigarrette tax by a dollar a pack,  Chicago uses taxpayer's money to pay off Gang controled CeaseFire group, Pounding the podium with emotion, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Friday Our "streets do not belong to gang-bangers", City sticker with gang signs fitting for city with gang member Aldermen and criminal Mayors,

5) Make Chicago a "sanctuary city", thereby flooding the entry  level job market with illegal aliens, the only jobs available to the public school products. Pushing kids again toward gangs and government dependency Emanuel backs scholarships for illegal immigrants, Cook County will not detain some illegal immigrants sought by feds, Early Voting Polling Places in Chicago Operated by Illegal aliens ( It's all on the up and up),

Now take all the mess the elite have created and call for gun control, more government control over you. Media finally calls city on pulling fake rabbits out their ass

How think about it, what chance does an inner city kid have up against the elite using him as a pawn on their way to enforcing total control over your life.


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