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Monday, September 3, 2012

A back to school reminder for Chicago parents- Mayor Emanuel sends his kids to an elite private school, but he don't think you should

Our Liberal Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel became more than a little testy when asked by NBC's Mary Ann Ahern as to whether he was sending his children to the gold-plated, private University of Chicago Lab School.
"What I do as a father is separate from what I do as a public official," he whinnied.
In other words, as a father, Rahm Emanuel thinks that the Chicago public schools stink. But as a public official, in debt to the powerful teachers unions, he thinks they're just fine.
He chose private schools for his kids.
He says everybody else should have no choice but to suffer the hideous Chicago Public schools.
You see Emanuel opposes voucher school choice systems that would enable parents to use their school tax monies to send their kids to good private schools like his kids. He opposes school choice because the teachers unions do. Education big-labor could never abide vouchers, because the rotten schools they operate would be out of business in very short order.
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Anonymous said...

That's why it's a joke to say that democrats are different than republicans. Neirher party wants to mingle with the masses of trash. I don't blame them either.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the Labor Day weekend total shootings?

Anonymous said...

One shooting ur mama

Anonymous said...

This weekend I am calling 15 shot, 3 killed.

Come on Chicago, you can do it!