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Monday, January 14, 2013

Media finally calls city on pulling fake rabbits out their ass

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy held a news conference Monday where his department, "put on display several of the firearms seized during the first two weeks of 2013,” according to a police news release.
But that wasn't the case.
A police spokeswoman said McCarthy had hoped to display 25 weapons from among the more than 300 seized since Jan. 1, but in fact the ones shown were from last year. Some dated from last summer, according to inventory tags on the weapons.
Reporters attending the news conference at the Gresham Police District station, 7808 S Halsted St., noticed the inventory tags, and McCarthy was asked about them. He said the guns weren't the actual ones seized in 2013, but were “representative” of them.

Later in the news conference, the city was also accused of using  fake Blue Light Camera video footage of an alleged shooting offender from an incident that occurred in 2012. A Police Spokeswoman said that because the Blue Light Camera was not working,  the footage released was not the actual shooting offender, but was a "representative" of him.


Anonymous said...

a good question would be - How many of the 300 were taken from legal FOID card carrying citizens?

Anonymous said...

what was pointed out was
all those firearms were rifles,..
so -called assault rifles. just what Tiny and the streetlightmarksman are whimpering about.
our question should be to them is this
how many of those assault rifles were used in a murder?
i bet NONE because the thinking average chicago citizen knows all the gangbangers prefer handguns
5"6" long and about a 1" wide and wieghing in at about 2lbs vs.what for a rifle? 6lbs? and over two and half feet long? average barrel alone is 16" hell of lot longer then 6" memo to press
keep drinking the kool-aid and don't go against the Party Propaganda, next time remove all tags:)