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Friday, January 11, 2013

Chicagoans use caution when entering and existing your garage

We got a whole lot of animals roaming Chicago, just waiting for the opportune time to find you vulnerable,
alone, secluded and as our politician have seen to it, unarmed (Emanuel to unveil new Chicago gun control ordinance).

Be aware of your surrounding upon entering and leaving your garage.
If you see someone near your garage that makes you feel uncomfortable, return to your home or if arriving drive off and call someone. Neighbor, husband, Police (this one might take awhile). Whatever you do, do not try to be politically correct and end up being a politically correct victim.
When pulling up to your garage, take a moment to look into the garage and make sure no one is already in there. Next back into your garage so you can watch that no one follows you into your garage and you are prepared  to drive back out if necessary. If some one follows you into your garage, use the only weapon our politicians allow law abiding citizen to have, your car. Run the SOB over, then back up over him to make sure the threat has been neutralized. NO ONE SHOULD APPROACH OR FOLLOW YOU INTO YOUR GARAGE.
Some recent crime in Chicago occurring in garages


Anonymous said...

I would suggest voting with your feet sell and get the hell out of there
i know Tiny wants you to believe that they just want help you park or bring your groceries in these are fine black upwardly mobile professionals
not criminals just ask Jesse and father flukey they will tell you

Anonymous said...

Obviously garages are dangerous and must be banned.