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Friday, January 11, 2013

Jesse Jackson holds news conference about Sandi Jackson's resignation from the Chicago City Council

First the media was on Jr.  for sleeping with a
White lady

They called her ugly, cause she looked like
Dick Cheney 

Jr. 's Campaign paid Sandi  and she charged 
high Prices

They just mad cause the Jackson women don’t act like

Condolezza Rices

Now the Feds are on Jr., Calling him a

The fools don’t know when to stop; they even gave


Anonymous said...

She is being leaned on by Tiny's people
he has made his pick and she ain't it
she schemed right along with it
now Tiny holding it over her head like a hammer

noone90210 said...

Emanuel saluted her "leadership". What leadership?

Will Darcel Beavers return?

Anonymous said...

Im glad her and her husband is out of office ,though it really doesn't matter cause someone else will be in there just as corrupted -_-

laker said...

"Emanuel saluted her "leadership". What leadership?"

what he mwant was, he saluted the way she got her hair straightened, her skin lightened, and her plastic surgery done (same doctor as Michael Jackson? sure appears that way...) so that she would look more white.
it didn't fool anyone though, 'cause her actions were/are still full-on-black.

Anonymous said...

jessie is just jealous because he don't got a "snow bunnie"

Anonymous said...

Polititians: Swindlers, gangsters, liars...I worry about a kid aspiring to be one. Takes a very cold heart.