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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Chicago ends 2012 with 532 murders 91 more than 2011

Latest homicides-
If you don't believe CIC' S Statistics click below


Anonymous said...

How's that gun ban working for ya?

Anonymous said...

The same way it worked for Sandy Hook Elementary, lol. The same way it worked for the movie theater in Colorado. The same way it's been working all over the country.

BearDawg said...

Every sane person in America should be required to have a full automatic, combat ready AR-15 with at least a couple thousand rounds of ammo and throw in a half dozen hand grenades for good measure.. This would be a good start to securing our freedoms and keeping people like obama, holder and the rest of the gangsters in this country under control. WE, not the politicians, deserve the credit for making America the greatest country on earth.