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Friday, December 28, 2012

City pulls rabbit in and out their ass in an attempt to negate the city's 500th homicide victim

From the Chicago Tribune
The police department went back and forth for much of Friday over whether Jackson was the 500th murder so far this year, at first confirming it, and then denying it, saying a murder last week had been reclassified as a death investigation, therefore making Jackson the 499th homicide. But by late afternoon, the department once again confirmed there had been 500 murders.

Any of the Naysayers that continually question my homicide and shooting numbers care to remember my post from November 28, 2012 explaining how the city under counts homicide and shooting victims. Chicago Violence Scoreboard Here's a little snippet- "The city will classify obvious homicides as "Death Investigation" and not close the case until the following year, when the city's homicide rate is no longer front page news."Here's one on shooting victims- How does the Chicago Police keep the number of shooting victims down? and this post listing clear proof that the city under counted their October homicide numbers by 4 City preforms more magic with October crime statistics and the media eats it up


Anonymous said...

It's obvious Tiny and the streetlightmarksman don't care anymore in "normal" debate any attempt to defend this makes it worse
as the old bar joke goes Tiny and Garry:
just stand there and let people think ur stupid, open ur mouth and they know for sure

sweetsuga said...

I wrote a blog about this as well... Letting the people of Chi town know that people out here care and help is on the way. There is a war out in the streets and we need to make these city officials responsible and help!

Anonymous said...


What help is on the way?

Considering that the Democratic Machine is accountable to nobody, how do "we" make city officials responsible?