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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sandy Hook murders have satanism written all over it

In 1996 an Investigative Reporter thought he had reason to investigate.....
Satanism in Newtown
The Connecticut Skeptic Vol.1 Issue 1 (Winter '96) Excerpt
Yet you might ask, what prompted me to eviscerate this quiet Connecticut community in search of the devil? The spoken word sent me thus. The idolatry of rumor.
I have lived all but four of my thirty two years in Connecticut. In that time I have heard about the haunted cemeteries, Revolutionary War ghosts and hidden psionic labs (more on all these in future issues). Satanism in Connecticut, specifically Newtown, has been one I've often heard. It was only a few months ago when a friend came to me with tales of further satanic atrocities perpetrated in Newtown as told to her by a local nun. Once again the shadow of Lucifer's wing had apparently darkened the skies over this innocent hamlet. This was a respected nun at a well known school. If she too could fall under the sway of these rumors, then indeed they could not be ignored. Understanding the obvious connection between a woman of the cloth and satanic sensitivity, this was still a person of irreproachable reputation. And she was not alone. When I was in middle school, and again in secondary education, teachers commented about Satanists in Newtown. Indeed, one went so far as to describe a dance held off Pine Tree Road in the night wood. How my teacher came by these details, I do not know. At the time I was not inclined to ask

'I am the devil': Former classmate reveals school gunman had 'online devil worshiping page'


noone90210 said...

Are DNA and Satanism more excuses for Adam Lanza's crimes?

Even with Lanza dead, more excuses are invented to absolve him of horrific crimes.

Via freewill, Lanza chose to murder. Even if Satan told Lanza to do it, Lanza still made a free will choice.

Flying Tiger said...

Adam Lanza didn't stand trial, any more than Lee Harvey Oswald did. Don't be so quick to turn suspects only accused of crimes into convicted felons.

And even convicted felons may be patsies- the legal system is irretrievably broken and a tool of the fascist state.