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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

City and media has trouble counting January homicide numbers, so let's count together

From the Chicago Tribune
A little more than two hours later, a 15-year-old girl had also been shot to death, bringing to 42 the number of homicides so far in 2013, making this month the most violent January in Chicago since 2002. 

The city and media count 42, we count 44.

1 Teen girl killed, boy wounded in shooting near South Side high school

2 1 dead, 2 wounded in Grand Crossing shooting

3 Man, 20, found fatally shot in East Side

4 Woman beaten to death in Gresham

5 32 year old man stabbed dead in South Shore

6 Man, 38, fatally shot in Englewood

7-816 year old boy, man shot dead in Garfield Park

9- 10 1 shot 2 shot dead in Bridgeport

11 1 shot 1 shot dead in Lawndale

12 1 held in Englewood domestic slaying

13 Man shot in Humboldt Park neighborhood: DOA

14 Autopsy: Girl, 2, was beaten to death

15 Man charged after fire killS woman, injured daughter

16 Man shot dead in Back of the Yards

17 Man shot dead in Popeyes Chicken Shack in Austin

18 Man shot to death on Northwest Side

19Two in custody after teen shot dead outside Chicago State University

20Man shot dead on West Side

21 Man fatally shot at gas station on West Side

22 22 year old man shot dead in Lawndale

23 14-year-old boy killed on West Side

24 25-year-old man shot dead in Garfield Park

25 1 shot, 1 shot dead in Englewood

26 1 man shot, 1 man shot dead in South Shore

27 23-year-old man shot dead in Garfield Park

28 Teen dies after being beaten on New Year's Day

29 1 man shot, 1 man shot dead in Old Town

3024-year-old man shot dead in Garfield Park

31 Police fatally shoot carjacking suspect who had 'dark object' in his hand

32 Woman charged with stabbing her mother to death

33 19-year-old man shot dead in Chatham

34 Man dies day after being stabbed

35 Man killed, another person injured in shooting on I-94

36 Man, 30, dies after being shot New Year's Day

37 Englewood shooting victim dies

38 Humboldt Park shooting leaves man, 25, dead

39 Englewood shooting victim in critical condition Upate DOA

4057-year-old man shot dead during robbery in Gage Park

41 Man shot to death while driving on Far South Side

42- 43- 44 Chicago records first, second and third homicides of 2013


Take Back Woodlawn said...

I really appreciate the time and effort you place into providing this information, thank you once again.


Anonymous said...

The folks over at redeye have counted 44 so far for this month. Please check your number against them. Also, please contact the tribune and suntimes so that you can get straight the total murders for 2012. They need to know that there were over 530 murders and we must force them to report that number.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work. God bless you

Anonymous said...

I don't think the city will count a police shooting as a homicide, actually it's highly unlikely that they will.

Stopthepresses2 said...

I stand corrected we missed #7- 8 as a double homicide. We started this blog to get the truth out about Chicago and its ruling class elite, so that "We the people could bring about some positive change". Thank to everyone who caught our mistake. Although it's the Tribune that runs the REDeye, they quote 42 homicides, whereas the REdeye lists 44. It appears the Tribune will lie about its own number just to be in line with the city. GREAT CATCH!

Anonymous said...

heyjackass.com has 44 and 90 wounded
they get theirs from the redeyetracker
i myself NEVER EVER believe the streetlightmarksman or the spawn of evil midget mayor, slumtimes and the trashbune tell me they say 506
( the dead must have risen, not unheard of in this town come election time)

Tyrone Lindsay said...

Sad sad I cant believe this shit right here.

Tyrone Lindsay said...
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Tyrone Lindsay said...

Whats going on in the windy city cant walk thru a alley way or get in and out ya car with out getting a shot to the head.blood is in the city of chicago and the year just begin.good luck and be safe.

Anonymous said...

To many damn cats are puffing their chest out! Ignorance is rampant. It's not because off guns. It's because God has been removed from schools and these kids have no sense of repercussions for their actions. No morals. No values. No care for others. These poverty stricken neighborhoods are a trap. And the government keeps it that way. The Byzantine has only made things worse. Look at other country's death tolls, they're worse. True, it's tends to be less from guns. But that's because firearms have been reduced and IED 's kill hundreds at a time. People will find a way to kill. Taking away guns only makes it so innocent people can't defend themselves against armed, poverty stricken-cowards. Clean up the neighborhoods! Criminals will never get rid of their guns, why should law abiding citizens? Place armed guards at schools. Increase police patrolling of these neighborhoods. Implement opportunities for to get out of the trap called poverty. Put God back in schools. Allow all religions to partake in their beliefs. America isn't all Christian anymore, nor does it need to be. A belief in eternal punishment for wrong doings, needs to be brought back. I'm not a bible bumper. But I do believe that a belief in a higher power is overall helpful in conditioning humanity. Wise up people.

W.H. Thompson said...

CiC - We at heyjackass.com also have 44 for the month. We've been using the stats from the redeye which are derived from Trib stories.

According to Second City Cop - there are two that don't count since they happened outside of CPD jurisdiction even though those two took place within the city limits.

At heyjackass.com we count anyone who is killed within the Chicago city limits, regardless of who has to clean up the mess and do the paperwork.

Thanks for your time and effort. We're fans.

W.H. Thompson - heyjackass.com