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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Man shot to death while driving on Far South Side

A man was shot and killed as he drove in the West Pullman neighborhood this afternoon.
Ulysses Gissendanner, 19, was in the 12400 block of South Union Avenue when he was fatally shot in the head. He was declared dead at Roseland Hospital at 3:15 p.m.
The victim was driving when someone shot him about 2:35 p.m., and he was taken to Roseland


laker said...

in the middle of the afternoon.
jesus christ, you murderous nigs.

Anonymous said...

Yup yup

Anonymous said...

Yeah these people don't care who they kill, they ALWAYS hit the wrong person. He wasn't even the intended target his uncles was smdh! It's sad that child had to die for someone else. I hope they catch the nigga that did it and the niggas who caused this young man to end up dead!

Karen Hendrix said...

My nephew is in a better place. Yes it's sad that he died but the bible says it's better to be absent from the body because you are present wirh The Lord. I'm glad you all love him but apperciate his life by ending the killing. He was a blessing on this earth and sadly he is missed but we as his family honor his memories, smiles, hugs and most importantly the love that he shared with each and everyone that he touched in his life. RIH BOOMTOWN 50. Auntie Karen