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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Woman shot in Cragin

At about 5:57 a.m. a female whose age wasn't available was shot in the 5400 block of West Diversey, five blocks from a shooting about two hours earlier. She was taken to Our Lady of the Resurrection Medical Center.


Anonymous said...

this used to be a nice family neighborhood in the 70's. Things started changing in the mid 80' s when the latinos started moving in... Now look at the neighborhood...shooting after shooting.......... Are u Mexicans living your American dream? You guys know how to really fuck up a neighborhood. When the Mexicans come you wonder why the good people start selling homes..

Anonymous said...

Normally I just read the dumb shit on here but ignore most of the asinine comments. U sir have a chip on your shoulder. As a lifelong resident of Belmont cragin white flight of the 70s and 80s are what got us into this mess. Instead of hunkering down and getting to know your hispanic neighbors and showing them what the neighborhood was all about. You quickly put up a for sale sign and sold your precious home to the highest bidder. Is Belmont cragin worse now than before? The answer is definitely yes.... Are all the good people gone? The answer is no... I'm stil here

Anonymous said...

That was worst in the 80's and 90's .You just miss all your white gay gangs like the gayloads ,freaks,simon city royal,and your jousters.There's more polacks now than latinos.What you talking about.Unless your in the burns.All of Chicago from Jefferson park to Lincoln park to midway to the Indiana border.It's all the same shit .Most crime in Belmont Craigin is white on white crime.Or Latino on Latino .It's the future it will never go back to way it use to be.We are heading to a all out inner city war.Get ready for it will get much more worst.