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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Officers wound armed man in Gresham

At about 11:30 p.m. Monday, plainclothes officers wounded a teenager in an exchange of gunfire in an alley in the 8900 block of South Union Avenue in the Gresham neighborhood.
The officers, with the Area South Gun Team, were patrolling West 90th Street between Union and Lowe avenues when they called out to a teen walking in the area.
The teen, believed to be about 17, turned and ran down an alley, according to Camden. The officer in the passenger seat got out of the squad car and chased the teen while his partner raced to the other end of the alley.
During the foot chase, the pursuing officer saw the teen pull a silver handgun from a back pocket and aim it at him.
The officer identified himself and fired, wounding the teen when he refused to drop the weapon, Camden said. The teen began firing on the officer and the cop's partner returned fire, striking the teen several more times.
"It was a gunfight with the police," Camden said.
The teen was also taken to Christ Medical Center

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