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Friday, September 7, 2012

Did Rear End Pfleger of St. Sabina Satanic church push up the price of liquor in the black community?

From CHICAGO LAMPOON Date April 28, 2011

In 1990, in while trying to conjure up another way of grabbing the glare of Chicago's compliant TV news cameras, Pfleger came up with the idea of going after booze.
Taking a page from Carrie Nation and the little old ladies of the abolitionist movement of the 1920s, he figured that booze was the bane of the black man.
He began mobilizing his prohibitionists to start defacing liquor billboards. He demanded that Walgreen's, one of the few chain stores left in what black activists call a "grocery store desert," stop selling beer, wine and liquor in black neighborhoods.
Walgreens caved in and ceased liquor sales in its West side and South side stores.
But the exploitative, price gouging corner stores there went right on ahead selling Mad Dog 20/20, high-alcohol Ice Beer and Thunderbird fortified wine by the carload.

CIC has heard directly from liquor store owners within the community that Rear End Pfleger services (Gresham), that the sure way to become part of one of Satanic St. Sabina's protests marches, is to fail to contribute to Rear End Pfleger's church after getting the "why haven't you contributed to St. Sabina" call. Of course, if the Chicago media wasn't a brought and paid for puppet, they could and would easily prove or disprove these calms. You can be sure they won't.
So in the end, here is how the scam works-
Eliminate the corner liquor store's competition through a do gooder's campaign
The corner liquor stores can now raise their prices
Hit the corner liquor stores up for contributions
Protest the stores that don't give money (The old protection money racket)
The black community can still get their drink on, althought at a higher price
Satanic St. Sabina gets plenty of contributions

Matthew 12:33 BBE

Make the tree good, and its fruit good; or make the tree bad, and its fruit bad; for by its fruit you will get knowledge of the tree

Matthew 7:15 BBE

Be on the watch for false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inside they are cruel wolves


Anonymous said...

I normally like your posts, but this one's a bit distasteful...Im not catholic, but I give the guy credit. Count the liquior stores east and west of 63rd and kedzie, and you'll see his point. A orderly society benefits us all. Lets hope we dont live to see otherwise.

laker said...

Pfleger gets ZERO credit from me - the guy is a mental midget (he fits in well in Gresham, granted). you can count the liquor stores up and down ANY street in ANY neighborhood - but consumers are never FORCED to buy ANYTHING - unless we're talking obamacare, of course. my point is that unless ALL liquor stores everywhere are outlawed there will always be customers. and my other point is that Pfleger is a race-baiting, jesse-kackson-wannabe, loudmouth dipsh*t.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.....blame your problems on alcohol.

That always works.