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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bill Clinton hired as Chicago City Hall spokesman in wake of Chicago being named murder capital of America

From APN News Service:
Chicago: Mayor Emanual today announced the hiring of former President Bill Clinton as a City Hall spokesman in the wake of the continuing violence plaguing the city. A City Hall press release stated, "The numerous shooting and homicide incidents taking place in Chicago's minority communities, has many people asking what is the race of the offenders? The city as part of our more open administration has hired former 1st black President Bill Clinton as spokesman on all incidents of violence that occur in the city"

Bill Clinton, holding his first news conference, in the wake of a body being found buried in a back yard in the Scottsdale neighborhood, responded  to an angry citizen asking, "Will you be honest and tell us the race of them animals who killed, dismembered and buried this man?

Here is the exchange....

Bill Clinton: Now I know you are all angry about the recent homicide in Scottsdale and I also know that the last incident is a stain on the dress, um ah......address where it occurred, it being the Scottsdale neighborhood and all, but....

Angry citizen: Why won't you just tell us the race of the offenders? Are they black is that what the problem is?

Bill Clinton: Now hold on, that all depends on what the meaning of is, is.......

Angry citizen: Oh, so they were Mexican. Is that what the problem is?

Bill Clinton: Now that would depend on what the meaning of Si, is?

Angry citizen: They were either black or Mexican and the city wants to be politically correct. Yes, that's it isn't it?

Bill Clinton: See, now your making things complicated because, that would depend on what the meaning of Si and is, is

Jesse Jackson expresses anger at Mayor Emanuel for calling Bill Clinton the 1st black President and hiring him as Chicago's "Violence" spokesperson

Mayor Emanuel

You know

The city should of hired a person of color

Not Bill Clinton that white interloper

You hired Clinton because he got a phony black drawl

but let me just remind you all

I am running for President in 2016

if like my son I don't get caught in a Government sting

Calling Bill Clinton or Obama the first black President is not right

If you put them both together they’d be ¾ white

The first black President can still be me
Forget Obama and Mister what is the meaning of is, is and Si.


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