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Friday, June 7, 2013

'Ghost racks' proposed as memorials to fallen cyclists because Ghost bikes are often stolen

Matt Willens, a Chicago personal injury lawyer, likes the idea of ghost bikes but doesn't like what happens to them over time.
Painted white from their spokes to their handlebars and often decorated with flowers and a sign to memorialize killed cyclists, the bikes are sometimes defaced, stolen or removed.
Just like the below story-

Chicago is getting out of control- 'Ghost bike' memorial bicycle stolen, thief caught on film

Friends and cyclists gathered Friday to install a ghost bike memorial — a bike spray-painted white from spokes to handlebars — at the corner of Oak and Wells Street near where Neill Townsend was killed two weeks ago.
Bicycle stolen.......
Thief caught on film.....
Stolen "Ghost Memorial" bicycle replaced by "Painted on Sidewalk Ghost Memorial" bicycle.
Which a drunk promptly attempts to steal .


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