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Sunday, March 3, 2013

CTA bus driver hit with stun gun, robbed on West Side

A  CTA bus driver was rendered immobile by a passenger with a stun gun who robbed her and left her slumped at the wheel of her bus Saturday morning in Columbus Park in the Austin neighborhood.
The 40-year-old driver was treated and released from Loretto Hospital after a 20-year-old man noticed her slumped at the wheel of her bus in the 5900 block of West Jackson Boulevard Saturday morning.
The man saw the bus at the side of the road, with the driver possibly unconscious at the wheel of the bus, and flagged down the driver of another bus, another woman in her 40s, who called 911 to have emergency crews check on the unresponsive driver.
The injured driver told police she had been headed west on Jackson Boulevard when she picked up a man who, after she had driven a few blocks, began yelling that he needed to get off. At 5900 west, the driver stopped and the man hit her with a Taser several times in the neck, chest, and left arm, then rifled through her pockets and took her cash.
Police were reviewing video footage from the bus to try to get a better description of the robber, who wore a black face mask at the time of the robbery. The injured driver was taken to Loretto Hospital and was treated and released


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