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Friday, March 22, 2013

Chicago school age children shot and school age children homicides 2013

School age children killed 14
 School age children shot 57
13 year shot in Chatham
17 year old boy shot in Belmont Central
Police chase and catch shooting offenders 18
17-year-old boy shot in Belmont Heights
15 year old shot in Rogers Park
15 year old boy shot in Lawndale
2 teens injured in Northwest Side drive-by
16-year-old boy was shot
15 and 20 year old shot in Roseland
18 year old shot in Morgan Park
17 year old boy shot in Park Manor
Teen 16 shot, critically wounded on West Side


Anonymous said...

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Yo.....Lancelot Link

Anonymous said...

Hey Lancelot, you should be the mayors speech