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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax: The Freemason connection

Just as a mere coincidence Sandy Hook just happens to be the home of ...you guessed it..... The Freemason's Hiram Lodge #18.

This caption was included with the below picture on (It appears the following two facebook pages have been taken down) Hiram Lodge #18 Facebook page-
 T McCauley Maxwell Across the street is Hiram Lodge, No. 18 & St. John's Episcopal Church. Sandy Hook Elementary School is behind the Lodge & Church - short walking distance.

Coincidentally the below depicted play was a fund raising event for Hiram Lodge #18

Buried child
The play is a macabre look at an American Midwestern family with a dark, terrible secret: Years ago, Tilden, the eldest of three sons belonging to Dodge and Halie, committed an act of incest with his mother. She bore his child, a baby boy, which Dodge drowned and buried in the field behind their farmhouse
However, its roots in ritual and its approach to monumental, timeless themes of human suffering—incest, murder, deceit, and rebirth—resemble the destruction wreaked by the heroes of Greek tragedy.

Least we forget the picture of slain teacher Vicki Soto with a man throwing up the satanic baphomet hand sign

Now a look inside the Lodge and some of the people from the Sandy Hook incident
A look inside the Lodge reveals that some of the lodge's members and some of the people from the Sandy Hook incident look very much alike. Every example depicted here many not be the exact person, but they are at the very least closely related. The below pictures are capture form Hiram Lodge #18 Facebook page-
Click all to enlarge

Below pictures capture at a masonic outing form this Facebook page Masonic outing

A couple of other images captured from a masonic Facebook page

For more on the Sandy Hook santanic connection go here- Sandy Hook murders, coincident or conspiracy?

For more on the Freemason- Satanic connection go here-MASONRY PROVEN CONCLUSIVELY TO BE WORSHIP OF LUCIFERSATAN! 
GO To- The People VS The U.S. Government (Sandy Hook)


Anonymous said...

Now you're just grasping... And starting to reveal your simpleton midwestern ignorance.

Anonymous said...

what a load of croc.

Anonymous said...

Nice work...let's shut these pedos down once and for all.

Anonymous said...

thanks for share........

Anonymous said...

I know all the gentlemen that you have labeled in those pictures. NOT ONE LABEL IS CORRECT. Some of the men you have labeled are decades younger or older than their counterparts. YOU PAGE IS IDIOTIC. TAKE IT DOWN BEFORE YOU ARE SUED FOR DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER.

Anonymous said...

To the comment above: If you know all of those people, then you must be a conspirator also. They look to me like they are indeed the same people.

Anonymous said...

You must be that special kind of stupid.

Anonymous said...

Fa-fa-fa fuck-off LOL

Unknown said...

Great work!

Anonymous said...

Masons coming for this page seems to prove this all to ring true, good work.