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Monday, January 7, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax: The exposing of "Mr and Ms. OH SHIT!"

Here's Mr. Eugene (Gene, Gene the Talking Machine) Rosen, giving an interview on FOXNEWS. Right now he's not real important,  but watch the two people in the background starting at the 00:41 mark. It's just two people, a man and a woman, talking in the back ground.  No big deal Right? Ah.., but watch them again at the 01:16 mark, see the "OH SHIT" moment and the panic that sets in when they realize they're on camera.

Now you have to ask the question, why the panic? If the news people are asking you to get out of the shot, why not just walk away together? Why the panic? Why the rushing away in separate directions? There is only one answer, fucking up a Government/satanist hoax will get you killed! These two actors are playing different parts in the hoax and they shouldn't be seen together. One, the women plays a Connecticut Trooper. The other, the man plays the part of a parent grieving over the loss of all the children and teachers. The "OH SHIT" moment comes when they realized that their on camera and that there is no logical explanation to why a grieving father and female State Trooper should be together smiling and bullshitting. Here's the proof-

The man, who is he? Mr Nick Phelps.

See all the Hollywood props in the interview clip with CNN? The baseball cap with the "N" for Newtown. The "Look I am a good guy, white guy scarf". (The avg. temp that day was 41. Everyone else had open collars) Notice how he makes sure that everyone sees his bald head, so you can't tie him in with his real name, the guy with hair.

Here's the proof... remember this photo evidence was capture from two sources. The one with the baseball cap is a close up shot during his CNN interview. The other picture was captured while he stood off in the back ground, in bright sun light, making his features look more pronounced and angular, with bright areas and deep shadows.

Notice the nose and the cheek line. Remember the one on the right is more at a 90 degree angle to the camera, then the one on the left. Also remember that during the entire CNN interview he is keeping his head down appearing to be sad.

The "OH SHIT" moment

A face on top of face comparison. Notice the nose and mouth.

Build comparison

Now the woman, who is she?

There she is, the helpful State Trooper!

Build comparison

Face comparison, that nose.

Face on top of face comparison. Notice the angle of her nose.


Anonymous said...

Haha they don't look alike AT ALL

Anonymous said...

Nothing a like come on