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Monday, January 7, 2013

Good Samaritans foil Lincoln Park robbery

A parolee wielding a screwdriver was tackled by two men after he stole a woman's purse in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.
Jose Rodriguez, 30, approached a woman from behind in the 800 block of West Diversey Parkway around 11:45 p.m. Saturday. Rodriguez held an arm around the 29-year-old woman's neck, placed a screwdriver against her body and demanded money.
Rodriguez ran off with the woman's purse.
A 20-year-old man started chasing the man. Rodriguez approached a 24-year-old man walking in the opposite direction, and the 20-year-old yelled for him to stop the robber.
The men tackled Rodriguez and restrained him until officers showed up.
Rodriguez was charged with armed robbery with a dangerous weapon and a parole violation


Anonymous said...

that's it!
Tiny , the streetlightmarksman, acevedo, madigan, and cullerton need a statewide ban on all screwdrivers
whether they be phillips, flathead, torx and of course those nasty posi-drives remember bernie goetz was assaulted by illegal mexicans on the subway the fbi was right again more people killed by sharp objects then guns

Anonymous said...

well 76 homicides in s. chicago since 2007 that works to 12.66 murders a year real nice nieghborhood

Anonymous said...

Is dat culito joe(creo salo in a bottle)

Anonymous said...