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Monday, January 7, 2013

Kanamit Jones, Democratic favored to win Jesse Jackson Jr's old congress seat

Tensions ran high at a news conference today were candidate Kanamit Jones announced he would be running for Jesse Jackson Jr’s old seat. Many people in the media and many Chicago politicians believe that Kanamit Jones is the best candidate to fill the seat, because he wrote a book titled “To Serve Chicagoans”.  Tension flared, however during the news conference, when Kanamit Jones held up his recently published book for everyone to see. A young lady immediately stood up in the audience and shouted out “don't vote for that dip!  The rest of the book “To Serve Chicagoans it’s... it's a cookbook!” Police on the scene quickly removed the screaming young lady from the room. Kanamit Jones, the Democratic favorite, is expected to win the election easily. Mayor Emmanual and former Mayor Daley have already announced their support for Mr. Jones.

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