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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chicago Violence Scoreboard 2012 Final Totals

 Add one more homicide
Chicago lottery winner died from cyanide poisoning
With no signs of trauma and nothing to raise suspicions, the sudden death of a Chicago man just as he was about to collect nearly $425,000 in lottery winnings was initially ruled a result of natural causes.
Nearly six months later, authorities have a mystery on their hands after medical examiners, responding to a relative's pleas, did an expanded screening and determined that Urooj Khan, 46, died shortly after ingesting a lethal dose of cyanide. The finding has triggered a homicide investigation, the Chicago Police Department said Monday.
Read more here- YAHOO

Chicago 2011 Homicides- 441
Chicago 2012 Homicides- 533
                                  PLUS- 92

Chicago 2011 Person Shot- 2,217
Chicago 2012 Person Shot- 2,698
                                         Plus- 481

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