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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Woman killed, man hurt on West Side

A woman was shot and killed and a man seriously wounded in the Austin neighborhood this afternoon.
The woman, age 23, and man, age 34, were in the 4800 block of West Fulton Street about 3 p.m. when they were shot.
The woman, identified as Shemara Fitzpatrick, of West Grace Street in Chicago, was declared dead at 3:46 p.m. at Mount Sinai Hospital
Both victims were taken from the scene in critical condition. Both victims were taken to Mount Sinai Hospital


Anonymous said...


FOEEVA4 said...

The Austin area is hettingt as bad as the South-side of the CHI!!! We gotta wake up and open our eyes BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!! We are killing our own kind and our bloodline at an alarming rate!! We are doing exactly what they want us to do!! Now the(CAUCASIAN PERSUASION) is sitting in their homes watching the news,reading the blogs and newspapers laughing at US as we act as THE SAVAGES they already have made us out to be!! They are
sitting and waiting as we EXTERMINATE our own kind, our own BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!! Let me ask you all a serious question????? WHY?? Why do we envy our own? WHY?? Why do we want to cause harm to one another? WHY? Why do we act like ANIMALS LET LOOSE OUT OF OUR CAGES AFTER BEING LOCKED UP?? Why do we give the Media ways to make us look even worser than we already are???? Young Brothers and Sisters need role models in their lives!!! We as ELDERS in the Hood need to step up!! We need to get our shit together so we can be an inspiration to the next generation!! Give them a reason to want to change. Show them and tell them Love can change!! Let them know first you must love yourself!! To love anyone else you gotta respect yourself and your life!! Im not PREACHING TO YOU!! I'm just trying to spark an interest in CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BROTHERS AND SISTERS WAKE UP OUT OF YOUR SLUMBER!! Wipe the crust out of your eyes so you can see clearly . So you can see what's really going on before we kill off ourselves and THE OTHER MAN IS HAPPY!!!

Anonymous said...

If you want to lead a good life, do it because its the right thing to do. Not because you think whitey is sitting back and laughing at you.

Truth is... a lot of these people are career criminals. You would think spending some time in a cell would work wonders, but crimes are committed even shortly upon parole.

Sad. Tragic.

FOEEVA4 said...

Yes it is but stop putting all BLACKS in the same category.... Being in a cell doesn't do it because some ppl who go in have so much hate in them for being caught so they sit n think of ways to do their crimes better!! They meet like-minded ppl who are on the same page as them and they get out with the MAD AT THE WORLD AND FUCK THE WORLD ATTITUDE!! Then before you know it they are back at it again committing felonies!!! What evet happened to the DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS?? You know trying to rehabilitate the criminal? Not just punishment!! We all know what happens when you are angry and upset and something or someone you do stupid ass stuff calling it REVENGE!! We as a BLACK RACE MUST COME TOGETHER FOR THE GREATER GOOD!!! If we continue on the path we are on there will be no US!! The BLACK RACE WILL BE EXTINCT!!! We will be as we are now AN ENDANGERED SPECIES!!!!

Courtney said...

That was my best friend she left 4 children behind she wasn't the intended target ... My her soul rest on 😔

Anonymous said...

sorry too hear she left four kids with out there mother

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hope & pray that they get the "thug" who did this , & i will keep her family ,in my prayers !