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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Parolee charged with trying to hit cop with stolen SUV

A 20-year-old parolee accused of trying to hit an off-duty Chicago police officer with a stolen SUV was ordered held today in lieu of a $500,000 bond.
Lawrence R. Coleman was shot by the officer in the left wrist during the altercation. Coleman is charged with attempted first-degree murder of a police officer and four other felonies in the incident, which occurred Thursday night in the Bronzeville neighborhood.
Coleman was driving a stolen Honda CRV north on South Prairie Avenue about 10 p.m. Thursday when he passed a squad car heading the opposite direction that was outfitted with a license plate reader.
The device notified the officers that the CRV was stolen, so the officers made a U-turn and pulled Coleman over.
The officers got out of their car and ordered Coleman to turn off the CRV, but he sped away, driving north on Martin Luther King Drive, according to court documents. He turned left onto 37th Street but lost control, striking a pole and a woman before hitting a wall.
A Chicago police officer who had just finished his shift was in his car with his girlfriend at the intersection when they saw the chase unfolding just before Coleman crashed.
The off-duty officer, who was wearing his uniform, got out of his car to help the woman who had been struck, but Coleman put the CRV into reverse and hit the officer’s car, where his girlfriend was seated.
The officer then stood in front of the CRV and ordered Coleman to get out, but Coleman drove at him instead.
The officer fired several shots, one of which struck Coleman in the left wrist.
Coleman and the officer’s girlfriend were treated at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center and released, according to court records. The woman who was struck by the stolen SUV was treated at University of Chicago Hospitals and released.
Coleman, of the 4900 block of South Drexel Boulevard, is on parole from a 2010 conviction for driving a stolen vehicle. He is also charged in Thursday’s incident with aggravated assault of a police officer with a vehicle, possessing a stolen vehicle, and two counts of aggravated fleeing causing bodily injury

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