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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Delivery driver robbed of pizza at 76th and Coles (What pizza place in their right mind would deliver to 76th and Coles? You can be sure they don't read this blog)

Police arrested six young men between the ages of 15 and 20 after they robbed a Pizza Hut delivery driver and one ordered a dog to attack responding officers Tuesday night.
One of the group unleashed a dog toward the officer and told it to attack after police approached the group in the 7600 block of South Coles Avenue.
The dog was shot and scampered away but later found and should survive,
One of the six ordered a pizza before 9 p.m. Tuesday and when the driver approached, the group surrounded the car in the south end of the same block.
It appears two displayed guns and police recovered “numerous” weapons from inside the house where they were found.
Officers responding to the robbery-in-progress call were given a description of the attackers from the first car at the scene and spotted them in the front yard of a home in the same block.
Police found the group with pizza boxes and the container used to keep pizzas warm. They stole the pizza they ordered, all his other pizzas, and the cash he was carrying.
Of the six, one was arrested outside, another tried to get the dog to attack police and the other four were arrested in the home.


Anonymous said...

Too bad the cop didn't have bad aim and shoot one of the robbers instead....

Anonymous said...

they need they ass whooped,they must have been high ass hell 2 think about how they gone get their munchies

Anonymous said...

they left their name when ordering and a house number?

laker said...

i assume they ordered extra sausage cuz they sound like some real f*ggot *ss b*tches