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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chicago hits 450 homicides is 500 in reach?


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NEW YORK (Reuters) - A New York City police officer was charged on Thursday with conspiring to kidnap, torture, cook and eat women whose names he listed in his computer.

In a criminal complaint unsealed in Manhattan federal court, Gilberto Valle III, 28, of Forest Hills, Queens, was charged with conspiring to cross state lines to kidnap the women and with illegally accessing a federal database. The charges carry a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Investigators uncovered a file on Valle's computer containing the names and pictures of at least 100 women, and the addresses and physical descriptions of some of them, according to the complaint. It said he had undertaken surveillance of some of the women at their places of employment and their homes.

Valle was arrested Wednesday by the FBI.

In an excerpt of a July conversation with an unnamed co-conspirator, Valle is quoted in the complaint as saying: "I can just show up at her home unannounced. It will not alert her, and I can knock her out, wait until dark and kidnap her right out of her home."

"I was thinking of tying her body onto some kind of apparatus ... cook her over a low heat, keep her alive as long as possible," he said. The woman in question is identified only as "Victim 1."

Valle created a document called "Abducting and Cooking: A Blueprint," Manhattan federal prosecutor Preet Bharara said in a statement.

Bharara said Valle told an unnamed co-conspirator that he would kidnap another woman for $5,000.

"This case is all the more disturbing when you consider Valle's position as a New York City police officer and his sworn duty to serve and protect," he said.

Valle, who an official said had no prior criminal record, was not charged with carrying out any of the alleged planned attacks, suggesting he was arrested before any of the targeted women were harmed. He is due to appear in Manhattan federal court later on Thursday.

A law enforcement official involved in the investigation characterized Valle's actions as an online "fantasy game."

"He was titillated by it," said the official, who is not authorized to discuss the case publicly. "It looks like he was having these fantasy conversations with people he's talking to in foreign countries."

Valle's estranged wife contacted the FBI after discovering pornography on his computer, according to the law enforcement official, who said the couple is separated.

A lawyer for Valle could not immediately be identified. A spokesman for the Police Department could not be reached for comment.

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500 is in reach for sure.

I'm betting they do it.

60+ days to go.

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