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Sunday, October 14, 2012

3 shot in Rogers Park shoot out

Two people in a van were shot in Rogers Park about 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning and one of them returned fire, hitting their 21-year-old attacker. The 21-year-old approached the van on foot near Morse and Greenview avenues and opened fire. Two of the men inside the van were struck, and one of them returned fire, hitting the first shooter in the face and neck.
The 21-year old was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston where he was listed in serious condition. The shooter inside the van, a 25-year-old man, was taken to Masonic with a gunshot wound to the groin, where his condition had stabilized. He was also placed in police custody. The other man hit in the van, who is 30, refused treatment after receiving a graze wound to the buttocks. 


Anonymous said...

One ignorant gangbanger going to jail for attempted murder and the other going to jail for an unlawful use of a weapon charge...... Sweet.....

Anonymous said...

I love it when these Chimpanzees take each other out!

Dumbasses just can't get with the program.

Anonymous said...

Damn, more of my tax dollars going down the drain fixing these monkey's , what a waste.....

Anonymous said...

are white people becoming extinct?
now obviously if it does happen it wont happen for hundreds of years, but more and more white girls go for guys as long as they are not white, i dont get why. But do you think eventually there will be no more "white"
Asked by Fred Koran
2 years ago
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Best Answer
In the near future, they will become a minority of the world's population due to low birthrates and high immigration of non-whites. But they won't be extinct completely.
@Boots Butz

According to statistics, black people have the highest birthrates. After that it's the Mestizos, Indo-Dravidians, and Middle Eastern people. East Asians have the second least birthrates while whites have the lowest birthrates.
If this population trend continues along with globalization, whites will be the first race to disappear. After that, East Asians will disappear next. The end result is a world dominated by black people. The final human will have DNA from every racial group but African facial features will be the most dominate.
@the guy who said Chinese would dominate the world

You do know that the One Child Policy is very effective at population control, right? China's population growth is about as high as that of developed countries. In addition, a lot of overseas Chinese will most likely start moving back to China when it becomes a developed country.

India and Africa desperately need a One Child Policy.




Anonymous said...

Blacks have the highest birth rate because they don't know how they got pregnant. Sex + no birth control = unwanted baby, but more welfare . Win,win for them......

Anonymous said...

Wow...some of you guys amaze me...white women dont like you particular guys probably because they sense weirdo...

Anonymous said...

Go hell!!! Know the facts not just what you read, it could of been you.