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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

With CPS teacher strike looming, parents in the dark (Let us shine a little light on CPS teachers)

Excerpt from The Rap song “Chicago Teachers Union Rap”
(chorus) Where's the bucks, show us the bucks
We're saying no to school choice With all the strength we can muster
(chorus) Where's the bucks, show us the bucks
We’ll give the children a choice between being a Black Discipline and a four corner hustler….

(chorus) Where's the bucks, show us the bucks


laker said...

i'm in the CPS schools almost every weekday, it's amazing how some teacher's can't put together a sentence while other teachers are wonderful. as in almost any other profession you have highs and lows (as far as education and professionalism), but as you'll only find with unions the lows are protected.
too bad for the kids ........

Anonymous said...

Apparently the CPS is the engine that produces these chimpanzees that are killing each other.