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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mayfair Academy plans move out of Chatham for safety concerns due to influx of Section 8

Peggy Sutton the owner of long time community establishment The Mayfair Academy is moving the  dance school from it's longtime location on East 79th Street in Chatham to the Calumet Heights neighborhood because of safety concerns. Peggy Sutton says the reason for the increase in violence and crime is due to Section 8. (Section 8 residents the ruin of many a community in the city and suburbs.) See video here- Chicago Tribune


Anonymous said...

What a darn shame. She seems like a nice woman. So, as you can see it's not the color of one's skin. Rather, it is the person's socioeconomic class that differentiates between one person and another. Section 8 is not only happening in the city. It's happening in the suburbs. There's been a large iinfluxes these people in the last couple of years. Just go to woodfield mall or Walmart in wheeling and you'll see what I mean. It's terrible.

Anonymous said...

Chicago values.

Although, Section 8 is very bad everywhere.

laker said...

Section 8, scattered-site housing: bringin' da 'hood to da 'burbs, YO!!! "hide jo womens, hide jo daughtas, dey rapin' peoples up in hya........"

Anonymous said...

Liberals forced section 8 on us down here in the South. I'm glad to see it being forced on the North now.

When the dregs move in next door and look over at what you have, it's good to know you can defend yourself with firearms right?

Unless you are in Chicago. LOL

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful establishment in Avalon Park area. So many benefited form this school.

Anonymous said...

It didn't sound like she was blaming the existence of public housing for her dilemma. She said that the "elimination" of Section 8 housing forced the inhabitants to move elsewhere and brought increased crime to her area.

Basically, the thugs were forced to scatter and some of those ended up in her neighborhood. See, even blacks understand the relationship between thugs and crime.

But, the advantage to the law abiding (from a crime perspective) is that when you group the thugs in a small area (Section 8 housing) it's easier to monitor crime and the thugs.

Unfortunately, when you do group them together, everyone that lives in that housing has to live in the squalor and crime that that brings.