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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Auction for memorabilia bought by Jesse Jackson Jr.

A dozen pieces of memorabilia and luxury clothing once owned by disgraced former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. are being auctioned off.
The items include Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee memorabilia and fur coats and capes.
The U.S. Marshals Service is selling the 12 items, which were surrendered by Jackson Jr. to help pay off a $750,000 money judgment against him. Jackson Jr. pleaded guilty in February to looting his campaign fund for personal expenses.
The auction, which is being held online at txauction.com, will end on Sept. 26. The proceeds will be deducted from the money judgment owed by Jackson Jr..
Starting prices range from $115 for a cashmere cape with mink trim to $350 for the autographed Bruce Lee photo. Jackson Jr. paid $800 for the cape, according to documents that identified the items for forfeiture at the time that Jackson Jr. was charged.
In addition to the money judgment, Jackson Jr. was sentenced last month to 30 months in prison. His wife, Sandi, pleaded guilty to tax charges for her involvement in the scheme and was sentenced to 12 months in prison. She also was ordered to pay $22,000 in restitution

I didn’t want to do it, this is really hard
But they forcing my hand, I am finna play the race card

They calling my boy a criminal, a thief, a 4 Corner Hustler
But the Government's the Indians and he the Black Custer

They say he brought things on the taxpayer’s dime.
What did they expect from a son of mine?

A Michael Jackson fedora so he can dance and grab his crotch
It’s not for him, it’s so the little neighborhood children can watch

Free my boy let him off the hook
Sandi can stay in jail she can’t even cook


Anonymous said...

Joe! Let me kop one of those capes, Joe! Dat shit will go good with deez new kangoo jumps. Shit! Be looking like im flying in this piece.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jackson paid a family 25 million for raping a kid.. Jessie Jackson , Barry aka O bama ..home grown terriost, JR, are all Black Panthers . I wonder what DR KING would say id he was alive about blacks killing every race now days and black mobs beatting people to death , see black teens get your gun, never ever leave home without gun , and plenty of amo

Anonymous said...

Blacks are thier own oppressors. Detroit has been black run for 40 years and nothing happened but decline. Whites had to step in and take over and now everyone screams travisty of justice! You had it for 40 years .....,,,

Anonymous said...

Very good.

Anonymous said...

Those gloves scare me , like the kind that goes up your U know what at DR offices..And check out the dudes face wearing the gloves , scary ass shi*