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Friday, June 21, 2013

Police warn of sex attack in South Shore

A man attacked a woman in a South Shore neighborhood alley this week, cutting her with a knife when she fought off his sexual assault attempt.
About 9:30 p.m. Tuesday the woman was walking southbound near 2900 East 79th Street when she was approached by the man, who struck up a casual conversation
They walked together along a short cut down a nearby alley, and in an area of overgrown shrubbery the attacker grabbed and threw down the woman and attempted to pull down her pants.
As the woman struggled and fought to get away, the man pulled out a knife and cut her on the neck and hands before he fled.
The alert describes the attacker as a black man, 40-46 and 6-foot-4, with a thin build, dark complexion and dark, wavy hair. He was wearing gray khakis and an off-white shirt with a large tan stripe.

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Rhonda clark said...

Another black child rapist on the lose