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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Irate CTA passenger burns bus driver with hot coffee

A CTA bus driver was seriously injured when a passenger at the Jefferson Park bus terminal threw hot coffee in the driver's face after accusing the driver of failing to pick him up earlier.
The driver was injured at the Jefferson Park transit center, 4917 N. Milwaukee Avenue, about 10 p.m.
A passenger threw coffee in the driver's face, and the passenger was arrested. The driver was being treated at the Loyola University Medical Center's burn unit
The driver of the 85A/North Central Avenue bus was at the terminal, but in service, when the passenger got on and accused the driver of passing him up on the street earlierLukidis.
The driver explained to the customer that where the customer had wanted to be picked up was not a stop, so the driver hadn't realized the customer wanted to be picked up there. The customer then got angry and threw hot liquid, apparently coffee

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