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Saturday, June 15, 2013

1 shot, 1 shot dead in Austin

A  24-year-old shot about 11 p.m., died at Loyola University Medical Center in west suburban Maywood. He and another man, 23, were shot in the 5500 block of West Quincy Street in the South Austin neighborhood after an "altercation" with others.
The survivor of that attack was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital and is expected to survive.


Anonymous said...

These "victims" all have a good idea who shot
them so i 'd givvim a choice.....you SNITCH we
damn straight they'd start talking if refused
opiates and treatment. Otherwise, lettim BLEED
OUT. Fuck the street code!!!! All of 'em use welfare
medicaid like pussies anyways....real men pay
their bills. Bunch of cowards one on one w/o
their piece.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is getting rediculous!! How many neighborhood have to be held hostage by this violence? Where are the parents? You cannot tell me that these parents(whether single parent household or not) do not know what their kids are up to!But when one of them is killed or shot, they bring their dumb asses on the televiosins, speaking stupidly about what a "good boy he was" or he "did not hurt anybody". When they know damned well that their kid was out there on the corner, with his pants hanging off of his ass, slinginging drugs to the other kids in the area or robbing their neighbors. Parents- you need to wake up and do somthing with your kids! Instead of reaping in on the profits from the thefts and illegal drug sales.I am angry that our society, especially in the inner city is putting their heads in the sand and their asses in the air! People in the area need to take a stand against these punk assed kids and tell who the culprits are!! When is enough- enough???

Anonymous said...

Chicago niggas r soft

Anonymous said...

O block,bang bang

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Easy to Say from your ivory tower u live in!!! I grew up in Chatham, attended private grade school, catholic high school, and have a four year degree from a credible four year university. The previous comment from the coward referencing niggers is not worth responding to due to the level of ignorance. But, the other one about street code and victims is the most ridiculous comment I have ever heard. You are obviously somebody that did not grow up around any adversity, because if you did you would know u can take a bullet in the neighborhood walking home from school or the park absolutely minding your own business. You would refuse medical care to a teen because he/she took a bullet and u would just assume because of where the event happened they are in a gang or involved in bad activity. Everybody that was forced to reside in bad areas is not a convict.

Anonymous said...

Your solf litle mama come to chicago and find out how crazy these people gangs are you dont know what your talking about fool