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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Woman killed, 2 police officers injured in crash on South Side

A woman in her 50s was killed and two Chicago police officers were injured this morning in a collison involving a squad car and a vehicle on the South Side in the city's South Shore neighborhood.
About 10:20 a.m., a car and a police vehicle collided on the 7600 block of South Yates Boulevard.
Preliminary reports said there was a vehicle pursuit following a burglary in the area, but it was not clear if the car involved in the crash with the police vehicle was connected to that burglary.
Two officers and the driver of the car, a woman in her 50s, were taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The woman was pronounced dead there.


Anonymous said...

Blacks are getting nervous
fearing that obama leaving office over benghazigate
the party just might be over as the senate investigation digs deeper

Anonymous said...

Pepe le Pu!

Anonymous said...

they always trying to make there self victims...the fact is that the was chasing suspect from cottage grove all the way over east.......out of there jrisdiction, and hit that poor old lady and killed her.....the police always trying to minimize their involvement.......They should have stop the chase, because they new they were indanger civilians life's

Anonymous said...

Who is to blame the officer who crashed into the car or the person he was chasing? BOTH!! Y when they crashed they checked on the officer first then the civilian?