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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Police arrest 12 after large group converges on Gold Coast

Eleven juveniles and one adult were arrested last night after a large group converged near the Gold Coast and were blocking traffic.
The people were arrested and charges were pending.
The youths were part of a group that had caused a "minor disturbance" in the area, Ursitti said. She said the group members were not being violent and there were no reported injuries.
The group was made up of several dozen members who roamed from Michigan Avenue west on Chicago Avenue to LaSalle Street and witnesses said they were between the ages of 14 and 19 years old


Anonymous said...

Has i was walking towatd chick'fil'a i seen this happen.it was WILD.pigs didn't do shit they where outnubered.everyone was dressed like a music video.tourist were runing in 2 local businesses just to get out the way.

Anonymous said...

well tiny's scheme will fix all that just close the redline then those "community activists"
will be screwed for a while but they just might shift to the greenline

Anonymous said...

These minorities block off my business Flash mobs, now I know we are in Armegetion, when you see the devils army black flash mobs running our streets.

Anonymous said...

You people who live in the north wanted integration. How do you like it now. You deserve what you are getting. Lock your doors. Watch your back. No guns allowed. Lol