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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chicago school age children and younger shot and school age children and younger homicides 2013

School age children killed 26
School age children shot 120
17 year old girl shot in Park Manor
2 adults, 1 juvenile shot in Garfield Park
18-year-old was shot in Park Manor
18-year-old man shot in Gresham
16-year-old shot in Lawndale
18, 22, 23 year old men shot in South Shore
16 year old boy, men 40 and 44 shot in Roseland
16-year-old boy shot in Englewood


Anonymous said...

boy oh boy,
the violence is seeping down younger and younger. pretty soon this city is already spinning a graveyardspin into the abyss pretty soon there will be no little kids just old and poor no families any more because the one's that can leave have left and the one's left behind are dying

Anonymous said...

Put a wall like Excape frum NY, boyz
bein dum niggaz like yall cicero splib
done be fine woik, less be up county
an lame bishes.......comprende???

laticeia riley said...

People really need to wake up these are our. loving children that's getting killed by the danger things we are as people need to put the guns away for good

Anonymous said...

Liberals,,,Demecrats are taking your guns now, also they are taking your bullets, so you cannot protect yourselves from blacks that are killing our kids. keep your guns, they are killing off every race, and it is now racially profiling , and racist to tell the truth, blacks are killing our children, it is the truth BLACK CIVIAL WAR, against every race