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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Man shot by Police in Humboldt Park

One man was wounded in a police-involved shooting on the West Side this morning.
No police officers were injured and the man, who was holding a sawed-off shotgun when police fired at him, was shot in the arm, according to Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 spokesman Patrick Camden.
Harrison District officers were called to the area around Chicago Avenue and Central Park Avenue in Humboldt Park about 4:30 a.m. after receiving a call about a man with a gun, according to Camden. Once they arrived, a witness pointed at a car, saying that the man inside the vehicle had a "big" gun, Camden said.
Police pulled the vehicle over on Central Park just south of Chicago Avenue and two officers, with guns drawn, approached the vehicle, demanding to see the man's hands, Camden said. The man, who was hunched over the car's steering wheel, did not comply, and the officer on the passenger side shined a light into the vehicle.
The driver then straightened up and pointed the sawed-off shotgun at the officer on the passenger side, Camden said. The officer, fearing for his life, fired twice, he said.
The driver then drove off in his car, heading north on Central Park. Police followed, and near the intersection of Potomac Avenue and Central Park, the man’s vehicle apparently blew a tire, he lost control and the car crashed into a viaduct, Camden said.
Police took the man into custody without incident – "no resistance, no nothing," Camden said – and took him back to the Harrison District, where it was discovered he had been shot in the arm. He was subsequently hospitalized, though Camden did not know at which hospital.
Camden said it was not certain but he believes the man had been hit by one of the two shots fired by the officer at the scene.
Camden said that the sawed-off shotgun had been tossed from the vehicle while the man fled the scene and police later found it

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