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Monday, April 1, 2013

City and media again pull rabbits out their asses saying Chicago's 1st quarter homicides = 70, we count 86 + 28 Death Investigations

1-24 year old man shot dead in Park Manor
2-Body found in burned garage on Northwest Side
3-Woman found dead in West Side park
4-19 year old shot dead, 23 year old shot in University Village
5-1 shot 1 shot dead in Logan Square
6-Man shot dead on South Side
7-Man dies after South Shore shooting
8-Man stabbed to death by son
9-Missing woman found dead in apartment
10-26 year old man stabbed to death in Albany Park
11-Cab driver dies following South Side shooting
12-15 year old boy shot in Lawndale dies
13-16 year old boy shot dead in Gage Park
14-Man beaten to death on Green Line platform
15-Man killed after exchanging gunfire with officers
16-Police shoot and kill man with gun during domestic call
17-Man dies after car rammed off road onto I-57
18-Man killed in South Side shooting
19-Granddaughter charged in woman's neglect death
20-Man shot dead in Humboldt Park
21-Southwest Side man killed in Friday shooting
22-72-year-old man shot and killed in Burnside
23-Man charged with Recklee Homicide in fatal West Side crash
24-31 year old man shot dead in Austin
25-32 year old shoot dead in Garfield Park
26-1 shot 1 shot dead in Englewood
27-Death of baby found in toilet investigated
28-24 year old man shot dead in Brainerd
29-1 teen killed, 1 wounded in Heart of Chicago shooting
30-Woman shot dead in Humboldt Park
31-Man found dead in alley in South Austin neighborhood
32-29 year old man shot dead in Englewood
33-19 year old man shot dead in Gage Park
34-Man wounded in Little Village dies day after shooting
35-Man, 22, fatally shot on Northwest Side
36-Woman shot to death on Lake Shore Drive ramp
37-Teen girl killed, boy wounded in shooting near South Side high school
38-1 dead, 2 wounded in Grand Crossing shooting
39-Maywood man charged with murder in South Shore stabbing
40-Woman beaten to death in Gresham
41-Man, 63, fatally shot brother with shotgun for telling him to be quiet
42-Man, 38, fatally shot in Englewood
43-1 shot 1 shot dead in Lawndale
44-1 held in Englewood domestic slaying
45-Man shot in Humboldt Park neighborhood: DOA
46-Autopsy: Girl, 2, was beaten to death
47-Man charged after fire killS woman, injured daughter
48-Man shot dead in Back of the Yards
49-Man shot dead in Popeyes Chicken Shack in Austin
50-Man shot to death on Northwest Side
51-Two in custody after teen shot dead outside Chicago State University
52-17-year-old charged with murder in Park Manor shooting
53-Man, 20, found fatally shot in East Side
54-Man shot dead on West Side
55-Man fatally shot at gas station on West Side
56-22 year old man shot dead in Lawndale
57-15-year-old shot in Little Village
58-14-year-old boy killed on West Side
59-25-year-old man shot dead in Garfield Park
60-1 shot, 1 shot dead in Englewood
61-1 man shot, 1 man shot dead in South Shore
62-23-year-old man shot dead in Garfield Park
63-641 shot 2 shot dead in Bridgeport
65-6616 year old boy, man shot dead in Garfield Park
67-68Two women found stabbed to death in Chatham
69-702 dead, 2 injured in Lake Shore Drive crash
71-Teen dies after being beaten on New Year's Day
72-1 man shot, 1 man shot dead in Old Town
73-24-year-old man shot dead in Garfield Park
74-Woman charged with stabbing her mother to death
75-19-year-old man shot dead in Chatham
76-Man dies day after being stabbed
77-Man killed, another person injured in shooting on I-94
78-Man, 30, dies after being shot New Year's Day
79-Woman, 55, fatally stabbed in domestic dispute
80-Englewood shooting victim dies
81-Humboldt Park shooting leaves man, 25, dead
82-57-year-old man shot dead during robbery in Gage Park
83-Man shot to death while driving on Far South Side
84-West Side man is city's first 2013 homicide victim
85-1 shot dead on South Side
86-19 year old shot dead in Gage Park


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't expect them to count police shootings.

Anonymous said...

They don't count expressway shootings, that is Sheriff territory. So sad our beautiful city is full of these violent people.
Where will it end? Will we become Detroit? Once the tourism stops and everyone moves out of the city because the Gold Coast fails it's over.
Why don't these people see they are destroying thier city?

Anonymous said...

Lying does not make the pols any better than the enablers