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Monday, February 4, 2013

Your Government, Sandy Hook, The Batman Shooting and More. When you gonna wake up?

 Excepts from the book ACID DREAMS

September 1977
LSD was the main topic at another well attended gathering. The setting on this occasion was an ornate Senate hearing room on Capital Hill. The television cameras were ready to roll as Ted Kennedy, chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Health and Science Research, strolled toward the lectern flanked by a few of his aides. During the next two days he would attempt to nail down the exclusive details of Operation MK-ULTRA, the principle CIA program involving the development of chemical and biological agents during the Cold War.

He (Kennedy) proceeded to question a group of former CIA employees about the agency's testing of LSD and other drugs on unwitting American Citizens.

The star witness on the second day of the hearings was the CIA's chief sorcerer, DR Sidney Gottlieb, who ran the MK-ULTRA program. Gottieb agreed to testify only after receiving a grant of immunity from criminal prosecution.

The purpose of Operation MK-ULTRA and the related programs, Gottlieb explained, was "to investigate weather and how it was possible to modify an individuals behavior by covert means."

A Washington attorney gave us a tip about how to gain access to a special reading room that housed documents pertaining to Operation MK-ULTRA and other CIA mind control projects. The documents had recently been declassified as a result of a Freedom of Information request.

In the course of our inquiry we uncovered CIA documents describing experiments....
One project was designed to turn people into programed assassins who would kill on automatic command.


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What else have they done?
9/11, US and Israel:

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these are 3 of the goofiest looking people I have ever seen - they obviously have some mexican in the bloodline somewhere

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