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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax (The government wants your guns): Analyzing Fake ATF Agent Myles Dubay?

Picture of ATF Agents responding to Sandy Hook Shooting. Inset picture from Movie Maker Myles Dubay's Myspace page.
Myles has a habit of standing with his head leaning to his right
See his fellow actor and fake ATF Agent here- http://sandyhooked.blogspot.com/


George Washington said...

You are a dipshit. I love the second amendment and my guns, but the guy on the left is my husband moron.

Anonymous said...

YEAH, WHAT SHE SAID. YOU EFFING ASSHAT, I PERSONALLY know THIS AGENT AND HE AINT NO ACTOR. I hope they sue you for defamation and slander. Go suck an effing lemon you POS. I support the 2nd amendment and exercise it regularly, but you give the rest of us a bad damned name!!!

Anonymous said...

Those two guys look nothing alike. People like you are the reason that conspiracies are automatically written off as crazy talk.

Anonymous said...

They look nothing alike! Stop ruining Myles name!