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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Your Government as Your Enemy- ACID DREAMS

The drug that connected so many of us to the organic mystery of a vastly alive universe turns out to have been, at least in the beginning (maybe in the beginning and maybe in the end), a secret CIA project to find a Truth serum. it's frightening to think that CIA spooks have used LSD with electroshock and torture to get information out of prisoners. it's even more frightening that them have used it themselves to Little positive effect. Or perhaps not. It's ironic and still scary to think that the CIA tried to control the LSD experiment even though hundreds of thousands were turn on in the heyday  of the sixties. Neither the ironies nor the chilling implication stop here. The authors have plowed through thousands of pages of declassified intelligence material to reveal a complex tissue of connections between secret government agencies and the academic world on the one hand, and between the Utopian hopes of a generation and the machinations of those same agencies on the other. It's a riveting story that makes the most paranoid outlandish theories of the sixties seem insufficiently paranoid.
Excerpt from the book ACID DREAMS

Remember our Government was in no way involved in the Sandy Hook School Shooting. Our Government is not trying to advance a gun control agenda, to say otherwise means you are a crazy conspiracy nut. Our Government is always true, benign and righteous.
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Anonymous said...

would be the first time the govt staged some thing and not the last