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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax: 8 questions for Newtown Police Chief Michael Kehoe

1. What degree do you hold in freemasonry?
* See below picture of the chief at a mason's outing from 2011.
2. Is it proper for the Chief of Police of Newtown Connecticut to belong to a secret society?
3. When, how and with whom did you arrive at the Sandy Hook School shooting?
* according to Officer William Chapman it took him between 3 to 5 minutes to get to the school after the call came out over the Police radio and when he arrive the Police Chief and 9 other Officer were already there. "he pulls into the school parking lot. There are nine or 10 other Newtown officers there, including Chief Michael Kehoe."
4. If you and some of your Officers entered through a side door of the school, how did you get in if the doors were locked?
*Officer Chapman says that himself and a second Officer went through the front door while the others went in through a side door. "There are nine or 10 other Newtown officers there, including Chief Michael Kehoe. Chapman hears rifle fire inside the school. He and Officer Scott Smith charge through the front door, where the glass has been shot out, while Kehoe and another officer go in through a side entrance."
5. As the ranking Officer on the scene, was it proper for two Officers to enter the school through the front where the front door had obviously been shot out, while 7 or 8 Officers including yourself went around to a side door?
6. What did you do as the ranking Officer on the scene to make sure every effort was made to save lives and secure the crime scene?
7. Who determined that people in the school were dead and could not benefit from medical treatment?
8. Did you have concerns for your Officers regarding additional shooters or explosive devices in the school or car parked directly in front of the school?

GO To- The People VS The U.S. Government (Sandy Hook)


Anonymous said...

I don't get it?

What exactly are you claiming? Police conspiracy or complicity in the murders?

Stopthepresses2 said...

Stay tuned, there are many pieces to this hoax and we'll put them all together for you.

Anonymous said...

This was a government staged event in my opinion.These are legitimate questions.Where was this guy when the distress call came over the radio?

Anonymous said...

would someone please ask the chief if there were spent .223 or 5.56mm shells on the floor inside the school, and about how many.----or if there were a lot of 9mm,or 40sw shells. this would put to rest the rummer that the rifle was in the car.-we need the truth no matter what the out come.

Anonymous said...

Masons emphasize crotches often, as shown with the paper plate and "aprons".

Anonymous said...

Police cam states the cops fatally shot the shooter in the CSP. Also DNA report states Nancy and Adam Lanza DNA was excluded from the guns. DNA on birthday card is linked to a offender in New York. Democratic Party spokesman Errol Cockfield is the speaker for Peter Lanza. Peter Lanza according to intellius has 3 more identities, Peter Delcore, Peter Stack, and Peter Buhrmaster. An alleged statement from a witness claiming Lanza wanted to rent a room from her was taken by a Michael A Downs. Upon further investigation a Michael Downs was also an officer in New York who was suspended because he was in a police cruiser accident with his drunk partner who killed someone in a DUI...... The crap never ends in the tale of the Sandy Hook saga.