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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Forget about the city's sleight of hand tricks, here's the real numbers on death, murder and mayhem in Chicago

It happen on the expressway- it don't count. It happen on the Chicago State campus- it don't count. It happened inside, it happened out side. The victim was leaping in the air- it don't count. The Police shot him, we don't know who shot him- it don't count. In the end an outcome of a homicide does not change depending on who kills you or in what part of the city you're killed in.

44 homicides in Chicago in January 2013
Over 160 people shot in Chicago in January 2013
Police opened 7 other Death Investigation 2013 in January 2013
11 people died in auto accidents
5 people died in fires
2 people died of carbon monoxide poisoning


Anonymous said...

I'm very happy I stumbled upon this website today!

Anonymous said...

New Strategy. Make ALL victims go to the police station and pay a cash fee to make a report, even the entitlements. This will make them think twice about making a report. The murder victims won't be able to go, so this will lower our murder and crime rate. This will also generate revinue for the city so they can build MORE parks for the entitlements, since they don't have to go to work.

Anonymous said...

lets see if we ake another 200 housemouses out as pointed out on the slumtimes what then more aldermadic hacks leaking info to the gangbangers? great in the mean time we dump a inexperienced untrained officer with just a radio and a firearm into some of the worse places in the city into a pit of savages with no back up

Anonymous said...

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