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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Police: Father threw baby up and down, then fought cops

A man was arrested earlier this week after throwing his 5-month-old daughter into the air and handling the child aggressively while walking several blocks down a West Side street.
 Witnesses called 911 about 11 p.m. Wednesday when they saw the man near West Cermak Road and South Hamlin Avenue.
 Ogden District police officers arrived at the 3900 block of Cermak and saw the man wearing a shirt, pants and socks, police said. His daughter was only wearing pajamas.
The officers took the girl into the warmth of a squad car. But the father put up a fight with the officers, who had to wrestle him to the ground in order to bring him into custody.
Police said it is believed the father might have had illegal drugs in his system.
Lexton Jenkins, 22, was charged with four misdemeanors: endangering the life and health of a child, simple assault, resisting arrest and violating an order of protection


Anonymous said...

Stupid drug addict. And the worst part of it is that he will get out and they will give the baby back

Anonymous said...

I pray this young man get his life together..Aparently he's on some type of drugs that has his mind gone.. What type of person would have a child in the cold.. I pray for all my Chicago people. I hope Chicago get better so I can move back home◽◽

Anonymous said...