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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dear Man Slanders " Yes Westvirginia there is a Kwanzaa Klaus"

DEAR Man Slanders: I be 8 years old.
My Latino friend Juan says there don't be no Kwanzaa Klaus.
Please tells me the truth; does there be a Kwanzaa Klaus?

7321 S. GREEN ST.

Yes, Westvirginia, there is a Kwanzaa Klaus. If the white folks can take a pagan sun worship day, the winter solstice and call it Jesus's birthday, then we can make stuff up to. And baby just think about it, what makes mo sense, a big fat white man coming down yo chimminy or Kwanzza Klaus coming in yo window? Also child don't forget to bring yo friends on December 26 at 4p.m., we finna meet at the corner of 71st and Halsted and go Kwanzaa Karoling door to door.


laker said...

hahahaha - fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...