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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Counting homicides does not give you the true measure of the violence that plagues Chicago

Homicide might be the Home run of gun violence that the media likes to report and keep your focus on, but it certainly is not a true measure of the violent nature of Chicago. A more usable measuring device would be the number of people shot over a given year.  That’s probably why the Chicago Police Department uses smoke and mirrors to keep the “official” person shot numbers down (see how here- How does the Chicago Police keep the number of shooting victims down? )

As of Dec.  19, 2012 Chicago recorded 2,640 shooting victims as compare to 2,217 shooting victims for all of 2011, an increase of 433 shooting victims and the year is not yet over.
Remember the difference between a homicide victim and a shooting victim (attempt murder victim) is only the location of the wound.

Where's the media and academia studies on the true number of attempt murders (shooting victims) in Chicago. Answer, nowhere to be found, it's left to the "lowly Bloggers" to give you the truth


bryan whitley said...

(insert extreme sarcasm) But how is this possible? Chicago arguably has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country!! This is just MORE proof that gun control laws are as effective as the war on drugs.

laker said...

let's do a little basic math:
2,640 shootings divided by 361 days equals 7.3 shootings per day in Chi-town.
no wonder the city and the PD wants to work those numbers.