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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Police shoot man suspected of abducting his 2-year-old

Police in the Lawndale neighborhood shot and critically wounded a man suspected of abducting his 2-year-old child from a suburb and then running down a police officer who approached him this evening.
An officer shot the suspect at a Church's Fried Chicken restaurant parking lot, 1151 S. Independence Blvd., about 7 p.m. after the suspect ran down the officer with his car.
Fire Department ambulances were dispatched at 7:03 p.m., and took the person who had been shot to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital in critical condition. A police officer was taken to Northwestern Memorial in fair-to-serious condition, and a third person was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in good condition,
The person taken to Mount Sinai was the 2-year-old, who was also in the vehicle when the shooting took place.
The incident began when Illinois State Police were looking for a man suspected of abducting his 2-year-old child from the suburbs. A State trooper in the area alerted members of a Harrison District violence reduction team that the man, suspected of abducting his child, might be in the area.
After State Police requested help from Chicago police, the suspect was spotted in the parking lot of a Church's Chicken restaurant at Roosevelt and Independence, where, the suspect is known to buy narcotics.
When a Chicago police officer approached the man's car, he backed up, then unable to back further, went forward to try to drive off, hitting the officer. The officer fired shots into car, striking the suspect.
The officer who was hit had his leg broken in multiple places.
After the shooting, police took the child out of the car.
The injured officer was working overtime and assigned to the West Side for the evening.


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No fuck you thanks officer for saving the life of a child I would have done the same